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Founded in 1974, Lucerne Transport has grown into a powerful bulk liquid tanker transport company now under the banner of Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions (PTY) Ltd, a subsidiary of KAP Industrial Holdings.

We offer a top-class tanker logistics solution backed by a professional and dedicated team, with an extensive and continually growing fleet of trucks and configured tankers.

About Us

Lucerne Transport was founded as a family-run business in 1974, when JMJ Loubser began transporting milk from farms to his dairy. From there, Lucerne Transport has grown to become one of South Africa’s largest tanker transport companies.

As of September 2016, Lucerne Transport has become wholly owned by Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions (PTY) Ltd, a subsidiary of KAP Industrial Holdings Limited. This acquisition has opened a plethora of opportunities for the company, allowing Lucerne Transport to carry a wide variety of products across South Africa and into neighbouring countries.

We remain proud to provide all our clients – ranging from small entrepreneurial enterprises to large multinational corporations – with the personal service and attention to detail that has always set us apart.

The principles that early management had on how the business should be run – “be thorough and do things right” – have set Lucerne Transport in good stead since the company’s inception. Whilst the organisation may have evolved significantly since then, we have managed to uphold these principles and maintain our vision throughout our development.

No successful business is built without establishing and maintaining sturdy relationships with clients. Whilst Lucerne Transport has achieved rapid growth in a short space of time, none of it would have been possible without a strong foundation – one built with the support and encouragement of our valued existing clientele.

We continue to offer unparalleled service, as our growing fleet offers you flexibility with a more frequent schedule and efficient service delivery times. Our highly-trained staff complement ensures that we maintain an efficient response time to any requests, continuing our outstanding on-time service record.

Markets that we serve include the industrial chemicals and food product markets.

Ongoing Senior Management Involvement

Superior Quality Equipment

On-Time Service Record

Integral Focus on Safety

Quality of Our People

Value & Appreciation for Business

Product & Service Portfolio

Our team, from management through to our employees, is fully committed to Lucerne Transport’s valued customers and the core values of the company. This passionate team offers a range of expertise and extensive experience in the fields of transport and logistics, and our directors and management team are dedicated to assisting customers personally, providing them with expert knowledge and enhanced service.

Martin Loubser

Managing Director

Martin Loubser, the Managing Director of Lucerne Transport, is responsible for the daily management of, and technical aspects, relating to the business. Martin brings exceptional operational management expertise to Lucerne Transport and focuses on ensuring that we are able to continuously and successfully deliver productivity and service efficiency. Martin has been involved with Lucerne Transport in an official capacity since 1993.

Bryce Varner

Commercial Director

Bryce Varner joined Lucerne Transport in 2012. Primarily responsible for ensuring our existing customers are attended to, he also oversees our Durban operations to maintain efficient vehicle turn-around. Bryce has been in the tanker transport industry for many years and has experience in numerous industry sectors.

Annette Loubser

General Manager

Annette Loubser has been with Lucerne Transport since 2000. She provides the critical administrative support to our business to ensure specific customer requirements are met. Our customers are allocated dedicated invoicing staff to manage their account and ensure compliance with customer-specific requests.

Sagie Pillay

Financial Manager

Sagie Pillay joined Lucerne Transport in 2018 as Head of the Finance Department. Sagie has more than 30 years experience in the Transport and Logistics sector.


Safety is a priority for us, especially when we’re transporting dangerous goods, and that means vehicle maintenance is essential. To ensure that we can take care of your transportation requirements to the best of our ability and give you the ultimate peace of mind, we have a strategic mix of vehicles and equipment, each excellently maintained.

These vehicles can effectively transport heated or chilled products, general chemicals, industrial oils, acids, and food products. Our vehicles and equipment all undergo strict quality checks and regular maintenance so that potential problems are identified and solved as soon as possible, resulting in an extremely low breakdown rate.

We have vehicles and equipment with single and multi-compartment tankers (both insulated and non-insulated) as well as steam jacketed tankers. We also have access to audited tanker washing facilities (which are essential for the safe transport of a range of products).

All our trucks are fitted with an efficient vehicle tracking system for effective monitoring 24 hours a day. This system not only assists with determining the vehicle’s location but also in the coaching and management of our drivers, as well as incident management.

All our drivers are chosen through a stringent selection policy. They have the relevant experience and certifications required and, once chosen, are put through a rigorous in-house training programme. They are mentored by more experienced drivers and coached on the specific requirements of our clients and our business. Driver training is an ongoing process which has resulted in a team who ensure the safety of our customers’ products, our equipment, and other road users.

Lucerne Transport is extremely proud of its drivers, which is why we only select the best. To be considered for a driver’s positions, candidates must have the following:

Minimum of 5 years heavy duty driving experience | Police clearance certificate | Valid and current medical aid | Valid Public Driving Permit | Unendorsed driver’s license | Hazchem certificate | Dover competency test


Since becoming a part of Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions (PTY) Ltd in 2016, our BBBEE rating has been upgraded to level 2.

We have also been audited and certified by CAIA (The Chemical and Allied Industries Association) with a 99.4% score, and have an excellent SHEQ reputation and accreditation. With this certification, you can rest easy when entrusting us with the transportation of your chemicals and other dangerous goods.

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